COMING BACK SOON to a radio station NEAR YOU!

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The CARWISEGUYS show is about everything and nothing – all related to used cars. Perhaps the best analogy for our vision is the wildly successful “Seinfeld” show on Television – a show about the random happenings of 5 friends.

On the CARWISEGUYS show we take live questions and emails and talk about things such as:

  • Favorite cars
  • Best used vehicles
  • Used vehicle buying tips – how to evaluate condition, financing, trade-ins, how much to pay, etc.
  • Racing, track days and other enthusiast topics
  • Anything else even remotely related to our passion – Cars and trucks!

The CARWISEGUYS is created and hosted by Todd Lutes and Scott Gregory. Todd and Scott are 20 year friends, lifelong car enthusiasts, and partners in, a new concept in preowned vehicle sales. Todd has spent over 20 years in the preowned vehicle business and is a fountain of knowledge about car topics far and wide.

The CARWISEGUYS only endorses and recommends businesses and individuals we have a personal relationship or experience with.

The CARWISEGUYS show is coming back soon to a radio station near you!

Todd Lutes has been in love with cars since restoring his first car, a 1968 Camaro SS.

Todd has been in and around the car business for over 20 years. He has served in executive positions for several major dealership groups, and owned and operated one of the most successful pre-owned vehicle dealerships in the Sacramento area for 9 years before selling it in 2003.

Most recently, Todd founded and leads, a new concept in preowned vehicle dealerships for the area.


Todd is the CARWISEGUY vehicle expert. His vast knowledge of years, models and equipment on hundreds of vehicles will amaze you.  If you have a used car, truck or SUV question, just call the show and he can probably help you.

Scott Gregory is a lifelong car enthusiast.

He has owned dozens of vehicles ranging from pickups to basic transportation to luxury and high performance sports cars – most purchased from his 20 year friend Todd. His love of cars also extends to racing, most notably participating as a licensed racer through NASA for several seasons in the Camaro-Mustang Challenge road course series.

Scott brings a unique perspective to the CARWISEGUYS topics of discussion. His lifetime of eclectic travel, business and life experiences are the perfect complement to Todd’s incredibly deep automotive knowledge.

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